Flaaryr is Diego Manatrizio, Reykjavík based experimental musician, composer and guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although he prefers not to frame himself into any particular genre, his style oscillates between minimalism, math, and noise. His music is strongly characterized by meticulous looping, rhythmic experimentation and the use of extended techniques, such as prepared guitar.

Flaaryr’s three-track EP, “Vegvísir”, was released via post-dreifing on August 27th, 2019.

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Music by Flaaryr

Vegvísir (2019)

"Vegvísir" is Flaaryr's first project to be released in collaboration with post-dreifing, coming out on August 27th, 2019. All songs composed and played by Flaaryr.  All the sounds come from a classical guitar looped and played with extended techniques. Recorded and mixed by Flaaryr. Mastered by Guðmundur Arnalds. Cover illustration and design by Flaaryr.