Danish artist IDK IDA is a Reykjavik based composer and producer who has her roots planted in the Icelandic underground scene. The unique sound of her Industrial Electronica was already evident on the debut release ‘THE BUG’ from 2017 but has become even more uncompromising on three-piece EP ‘Muscle Memory’ from October 2019. Her personal style and emotional density creates a deep connection with the audience and has taken her on tour around europe. Deep bass, complex beats and a web of field recordings create an atmosphere that wraps itself around her expressive voice when she paces the stage with great intensity. The listener is invited into a cutting-edge world full of desperation, artistic vision and exiting sound design. Her sense of DIY and punk mentality are evident in projects and collaborations such as co-founding the Weird Kids collective, setting up shows and in the organisation #KIM that focuses on creating an equal arts- and music industry. Her passion for conveying emotions, combining art forms and bringing people together make her a very exciting artist to follow.


Releases from IDK IDA

THE BUG (2017)

Muscle Memory (18.10.2019)


Appears on

Drullumall #1

Agalma I (Hilde Wollenstein, Guðmundur Arnals, Ida Schuften Juhl)

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Live-session from IDK IDA, Iceland Airwaves 2018

Nocturne – IDK IDA remix

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Music by IDK IDA

Muscle Memory (2019)

RELEASE: EP BY IDK IDA Emotional, raw and hard hitting EP Muscle Memory gets under your skin By combining 90’s break beat with atmospheric noise and sound design, IDK IDA strikes a pulsating vein in electronic music. The vast sound of three-piece EP MUSCLE MEMORY that came out October 18, Ida Juhl, artist behind the solo-project, presents a trinity of love, loss and momentary bliss.  Her former release The Bug from 2017 gained attention from various media in Iceland and Europe, her music having been called “[f]uturistic, strikingly brilliant electronic music.” by The Reykjavík Grapevine. Having grown out of the Icelandic undergroundscene that embraces creativity and diversity, her intimate expression is anchored in the inspiration she draws from her immediate environment. By using sound recordings from her surroundings, the songs get anchored geographically, and an intimacy is created that lets the songs get under your skin. Muscle memory is a mature piece of work that manifests IDK IDA as an artist to keep a close eye on.