having already become an underground icon as the lead singer of dream-punk legends milkhouse, katrín helga ólafsdóttir has been exploring new territory with her solo-project, k.óla. going for a slightly more electronic approach than before, her expertly composed songs sound fresher than ever – and the visual side is also quite interesting.

katrín studies composition at iceland‘s university of the arts and it is clear that her wide spectrum of influences results in a strange but intreaguing mix of genres and ideas – blending poppy song structures with classical instrumentation and experimental electronic soundscapes.

k.óla released her first record independently in the summer of 2017, titled „glasmanía“, but her first full-length release through post-dreifing, is set to happen this winter. she‘s also one of the few artists featured on both drullumall compilations, and has done two colorful music videos to this date

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Music Videos by K.óla

Undir trjánum (2018)

Ég vil finna fyrir þér (2018)

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Glasmanía (2017)

K.óla’s only full length release to date, “Glasmanía”, was released independently by herself in the summer of 2017. Each song on the record was composed or recorded using wineglasses and water as a foundation. Now available through our Bandcamp page, it is a wonderful listen, one to enjoy while waiting for her next record, due in 2019.

Books by K.óla

Nettspeki (2018)