it is quite a difficult task to try and define korter í flog‘s style of music. drawing influence from kraut-rock, post-punk, doom metal, no wave and more, they usually work with simple, repetitive patterns in their songs, which results in a structured but chaotic outcome.
during live shows, they place a big siginifigance on the audience‘s participation – they strive not to be placed above the listeners in any way. also implementing an open source stage policy, everyone attending can join them on stage; all mistakes and clumsiness are received with open arms. korter í flog never charge an entry fee – their music should be free, and enjoyed by anyone interested.

They released the album Anna & Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista), as well as an instrumental visual album (flog í korter), directed and edited by vocalist vilhjálmur yngvi (susan_creamcheese). their next album is currently being worked on and should come out later this year.

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Flog í korter (2018)

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Anna & Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista) (2019)

All songs written, produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Korter í flog. co-engineer on some songs: Atli Finnson Additional vocals on Sonic Youth by Fríða, Karólína and Hrafnhildur from the great band GRÓA. Additional vocals on Labba Hratt by Atli Finnsson of sideproject, Logo dog, and Fríða Karólína and Hrafnhildur from the wonderful band GRÓA. Special thanks Orri Analog, Atli, Hjalli, Baldur, Curver, Hörður Gabríel, Refugees In Iceland, Björk, Ási, Alex Nökkvi, Lúkas, Joey, Foreldrar meðlima Korter í flog, Elínborg, Borys, Andrými, Steinunn, góða stöffið, hundurinn hvutti, Bjarni Daníel, Sigurpáll, Fríða, Hrafnhildur, Karó, Smekkleysa, Hulda, Vala, Bruce Springsteen, Can, Sonic Youth, Phil Ochs, Hisoka, Cellóið.