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OUT NOW: Karja’s fourth book “o.s.frv. (og svo þar fram eftir götunum)”

o.s.frv. (og þar fram eftir götunum) is karja’s fourth poetry collection – and the third one published by post-dreifing. it is the third and last one in the “abbrecation collection” following the previous books a.m.k. (ég hata þetta orðasamband) and m.b.kv. (og fyrirfram þökk). o.s.frv. is illustrated by local artist sindri franz. the release party was held in mengi last […]


We are very proud to announce the first round of artists due to perform at our music festival, HÁTÍÐNI, this year. The festival will take place in the old elementary school of tiny town Borðeyri in Hrútafjörður, in the north-west of Iceland over the first weekend of July (July 5.-7.). We are also proud to […]

OUT NOW: “Í glimmerheimi” by GRÓA

“Í Glimmerheimi” is GRÓA’s second LP, following up their self-titled debut, released in April 2018. Since then, the members of GRÓA have been catching a lot of heat, and their sound has never been fresher. Made up of two sisters and their best friend, aged 16-17, their quite frequent performances in and around Reykjavík have […]

OUT NOW: “Ef” by Stirnir

Stirnir Kjartansson is the 16 year old songwriter and guitarist behind Stirnir. Since playing his first show on the music festival “HÁTÍÐNI” last summer, he’s slowly been creating a name for himself in the Reykjavík grassroots scene. “Ef” is Stirnir´s first single. The song is a dreamy yet well structured piece, based around tightly woven […]

OUT NOW: “1989” by Tucker Carlson´s Jonestown Massacre

TCJM are without a doubt one of the most mysterious bands in Reykjavík. “1989” is their second full-length album, sharing a title with Taylor Swift´s masterpiece. It is built completely around the diverse improvisations of Aron Bjarklind and Dagur Reykdal, celebrating spontaneousness, retaining raw and urgent sound creations rather than polished song structures or post-production. […]