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We proudly introduce to the world: K.óla’s debut mini LP, “Allt verður alltílæ”, meaning: “Everything will be okay”. The record spans 7 songs, 22 minutes, and it’s out today – available on spotify and bandcamp. The record mostly features previously released tracks, some of them reworked, but at least three pieces that have never seen […]

OUT NOW : “Anna og Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista)” BY KORTER Í FLOG

We are extremely proud to announce that today we put out Korter í flog’s second record, “Anna og Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista).” The record follows up their independently released “Lög til að slá við vol. 1”, out in 2017. This release has been anxiously anticipated, and features collaborations with GRÓA, Logo Dog and sideproject. […]


So! There’s a goodbye-show at HÚRRA this friday before your favorite indie-rock band leaves for adventures on the other side of the ocean. a bunch of friends join in : bagdad brothersGRÓATeitur Magnússon & æðisgengiðHórmónar first band starts at 8. free entry – but donations are very welcome and will be of good use in […]


Gyðjan Uxi released their sophmore album, “Lips on Hips” today. “Lips on Hips” should take many into the summer with a smile on their face, humming one of the record’s catchy tunes in the sun – or to the dancefloor, slowdancing to one of Gyðjan Uxi’s R&B hits. “Lips on Hips” is a must listen […]


Gyðjan Uxi is the experimental R&B/ hip hop solo project by Aron Bjarklind. Aron is also one of two members in Tucker Carlson Jonestown Massacre so there is no surprise that his project contains elements of noise and fragile guitar sounds. Gyðjan Uxi is hard to pinpoint by influences but he told us that “Kanye […]

OUT NOW: Karja’s fourth book “o.s.frv. (og svo þar fram eftir götunum)”

o.s.frv. (og þar fram eftir götunum) is karja’s fourth poetry collection – and the third one published by post-dreifing. it is the third and last one in the “abbrecation collection” following the previous books a.m.k. (ég hata þetta orðasamband) and m.b.kv. (og fyrirfram þökk). o.s.frv. is illustrated by local artist sindri franz. the release party was held in mengi last […]

sideproject release: “incel simulator fyrir börnin” – double album out soon

incel simulator fyrir börnin artwork by dli_fnis

last night we released sideproject’s first single off their upcoming double album “sandinista release party / ætla fara godmode”, titled “incel simulator fyrir börnin”. stay tuned for an album release date. stream “incel simulator fyrir börnin” for free here : dreifing er hafin.

post-dreifing update : latest releases & upcoming events

We´ve made a list of a few recent music releases, in order for them to hopefully gain a wider audience and further visibility. All the music we´ve released to date is available for download on – open for radio play, personal use, or anything really. For commercial use though, we kindly ask you to […]

OUT NOW: “Skoffín bjargar heiminum” by Skoffín

23 year-old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Skoffín (Jóhannes Bjarki Bjarkason Thelion) released his first EP “Í hallargarðinum” in the autumn of 2016. It is clear that his sound and songwriting abilities have matured a lot since, which shows in his later material. Last October, Skoffín announced that a full-length album was in the works, releasing the […]

OUT NOW: “Í glimmerheimi” by GRÓA

“Í Glimmerheimi” is GRÓA’s second LP, following up their self-titled debut, released in April 2018. Since then, the members of GRÓA have been catching a lot of heat, and their sound has never been fresher. Made up of two sisters and their best friend, aged 16-17, their quite frequent performances in and around Reykjavík have […]