Get ready for 2020: Catch up with last year’s Post-Dreifing releases

Did you miss any of the music releases of 2019 that were channeled through Post-Dreifing? Here’s a list to get you up to date with an ever flowing stream of expression.

“Groan Portion”

2019 started with a nine minute inferno of noise and acoustic guitar called ‘Groan Portion’ by Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre followed by ‘Tatcher, Lawn Swing Teeth’ that followed only a few days later.

The 12 track release ‘Celebs’ by Axis Dancehall blew up the dance floor and had everyone yearn for forever more.

“Ef” artwork by Finnur Kaldi

Bagdad Brother’s ‘Sorry’ joined the bandcamp catalogue on the 1st of February and carried warmth to frozen winter souls.

Stirnir dropped the haunting track ‘Ef’ on the 29th of March that has everyone only waiting for more.

‘Í Glimmerheimi’ by Gróa brought their strong attitude and brilliant storytelling into everybody’s living rooms and hearts.

In April, Skoffín blasted through the sound wall with luscious tunes about local parties and not being Leonard Cohen.

“Skoffín bjargar heiminum” artwork by Hugi Ólafsson
“Í glimmerheimi” artwork by GRÓA & dli.fnis

Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre dropped the full-length album 1989
and unleashed heartfelt yearning, followed by ‘Tucker I’ that came out
in September.

Gyðjan Uxi presented an album of hypnotic, auto-tuned streams of
thoughts on the album ‘Gella’, and just a month later, he dropped
a second full-length called ‘Lips on Hips’.

“1989” artwork by Aron Bjarklind

Korter í Flog joined forces with artists from Gróa, sideproject and Logo Dog on their release ‘Anna & Bernhard (drepa alla fasista)’.

Next release for K.óla’s unique universe, seven track ‘Allt Verður Alltílæ’, came out
on July 3rd, spewing heavy weight hits left and

“Allt Verður Alltilæ”
Anna & Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista)
“Anna & Bernhard (drepa alla fasista)”

Maximum banger, 19-track release ‘Sandinista Release Party/ætla fara godmode’ by sideproject that features Dj. Flugvél og Geimskip, SiGRÚN and Susan_creamcheese
(amongst others), was released on July 26,
sound-tracking endless summer nights.

When We’re Not Romantic played their massive hit ‘Nokia Calling’ from the ‘Who’s in Control’ album for the first time during an intense festival
season, the underground scene was
blown over backwards. The duo takes
pop culture elements and blast them to 100.

“Who’s In Control”
“Sandinista Release Party/ætla fara godmode”

Spanish guitar- and loop master Flaaryr released
‘Vegvísir’ on the 27th of August, adding a second
release for 2019, the first being ‘Rósalega Stór Kaktus’ made in
collaboration with Guðmundur Arnalds.

Hjalti Kaftu gave out ‘Ég Elska Drasl’ that
features a remix of We Are Not Romantic’s ‘Nokia Calling’.

Industrial electronica artist IDK IDA released ‘Muscle Memory’ on October 18, presenting a three piece EP that combines 90’s break beat, atmospheric noise and sound design.

Ólafur Kram released their first song ‘Fjárhagslegt Öryggi’
and teased an upcoming album due 2020.

All releases are available HERE

“Ég Elska Drasl”
“Fjárhagslegt Öryggi”
“Muscle Memory” Artwork by Johanne Stoffersen

Make sure to check out all the other amazing art in different shapes and forms from the post-dreifing community.

We’re all very excited to share more amazing music and arts with you all throughout 2020 and beyond.
Drullumall III is set for release so soon you won’t believe it and Hátiðni is open for applications until February 29!

Dreifing er hafin!

Poster by Silja Rún
Poster by Silja Rún

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