Welcome to the ticket sales page for HÁTÍÐNI 3 – read this text closely.

In order to secure a wristband for HÁTÍÐNI 3, you need to fill out the following form.

Those who have not reached the age of 18, are welcome to come, of course, but in those cases we do require some sort of written permisson from parents or guardians. This can be sent to post-dreifing@post-dreifing.is with your name in the subject column.

The wristband pick-up will happen on site during festival days, and we do require some sort of personal ID there in order to compare it to the information supplied in this form.

NB: Those who plan on buying tickets for more people than just themselves, also have to fill out this form for the others.


The basic ticket price for HÁTÍÐNI is 3.000 kr.

(Meaning that this is the amount of money we suggest is payed in exchange for a wristband.)

PSA: If people can afford donating a higher amount, this is very much appreciated, and makes things easier for us who are organizing the festival. Every króna goes a long way.

ALSO: If you can not afford the basic ticket price, you can contact post-dreifing@post-dreifing.is and ask for an exeption – no one will be refused access to HÁTÍÐNI based on their economic situation.

Please transfer the amount you’re paying to the following account:

Kennitala: 700419-1180
Account number:

Remember to write your full name in the “athugasemd” column – this is very important, otherwise we won’t know you’ve paid!

Once you’ve completed the transaction, please fill out the rest of the form!


Please complete the transaction or send us an email before filling this out.

Do you want to help out?

HÁTÍÐNI is a non-profit D.I.T. music festival, run by musicians and music enthusiasts. If you pick any of the options listed below, we’ll be in touch soon via email, and further organize how you can help us!

What do you want to help out with?

Kitchen work (cooking, cleaning, making coffee, etc.)Technical work (a workshop on basic tech work will be announced soon, and is due to take place in May. If you choose this options, we’ll make sure to let you know where and when!)General voluntary work (site maintainance, shifts at ticket / merch tables, etc.)


Congratulations! You have successfully bought a ticket to HÁTÍÐNI 3. Your wristband will be waiting for you in the Riis-house in Borðeyri on July 3rd. See you there!