OUT NOW: “Í glimmerheimi” by GRÓA

Í Glimmerheimi” is GRÓA’s second LP, following up their self-titled debut, released in April 2018. Since then, the members of GRÓA have been catching a lot of heat, and their sound has never been fresher. Made up of two sisters and their best friend, aged 16-17, their quite frequent performances in and around Reykjavík have earned them a dedicated fan base. Their music is a raw and powerful riot-punk, the lyrics a surreal mix of storytelling and obvious improvisations, delivered in a naive but very authentic way by all three band members.

“Í Glimmerheimi” is a big step forward for the band, released digitally and on limited vinyl press via post-dreifing in April 2019. Don´t sleep on this. GRÓA´s release concert happens in Mengi on thursday April 11th, where they are supported by susan_creamcheese & K.óla.  

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