Flaaryr is the project of Reykjavík-based artist Diego Manatrizio, originally from Bueonos Aires, Argentina. Today marks the release of his first release to take place in collaboration with post-dreifin; three-track EP “Vegvísir”

All the songs are composed and performed by Flaaryr.  All the sounds come from a classical guitar; looped and played with extended techniques. The EP was recorded and mixed by Flaaryr and mastered by Guðmundur Arnalds. Cover illustration and design by Flaaryr.

Following is a little message from Flaaryr, that he wrote on his facebook page following the release today:

“Hi, this is my little new album, started in Argentina and finished in Iceland. It’s also some kind of music diary in which, without words, is told all the hurricane of things that I went trough and went trough me since the moment when I decided to go 12000 km to the north to reach and start settling on this smokey and misty rock in the middle of the ocean that today I dare to call “home”, not without having goosebumps every time I do it.
In this process are involved people from both here and there, and I find beautiful to think that this is somehow a little bridge between them.
Infinite thanks to Guðmundur Ari Arnalds to make my shitty home recording sound a lot less shitty, to my beloved musical house 
anomalía, to the collective/label/bunch of heartwarming people Post-dreifing and to my best friend and favourite human being Elvira Lápida for so many things that if I tried to write all down the internet would break.”

Stream / download “Vegvísir” for free here: https://post-dreifing.bandcamp.com/album/vegv-sir