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OUT NOW : “Anna og Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista)” BY KORTER Í FLOG

We are extremely proud to announce that today we put out Korter í flog’s second record, “Anna og Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista).” The record follows up their independently released “Lög til að slá við vol. 1”, out in 2017. This release has been anxiously anticipated, and features collaborations with GRÓA, Logo Dog and sideproject. […]


So! There’s a goodbye-show at HÚRRA this friday before your favorite indie-rock band leaves for adventures on the other side of the ocean. a bunch of friends join in : bagdad brothersGRÓATeitur Magnússon & æðisgengiðHórmónar first band starts at 8. free entry – but donations are very welcome and will be of good use in […]


The second wave of line-up announcements, for artists due to play our music festival HÁTÍÐNI, is here! The festival takes place in Borðeyri, Hrútafjörður, in the north-west of Iceland over the first weekend of july this year. The festival is a collectively organized, non-profit, non-commercial, DIT event. Read more about it here. The line-up is as […]


Join us on Lækjartorg this wednesday for a radical celebration of the international workers’ day. The event is hosted by a number of organizations, including post-dreifing. These are: IWW Ísland, Trans Ísland, No Borders Iceland, Refugees in Iceland, Róttæki Sumarháskólinn, Rauða Regnhlífin, Black & Pink Iceland and Innblástur Arkestra. This is the second year in […]

OUT NOW: “Í glimmerheimi” by GRÓA

“Í Glimmerheimi” is GRÓA’s second LP, following up their self-titled debut, released in April 2018. Since then, the members of GRÓA have been catching a lot of heat, and their sound has never been fresher. Made up of two sisters and their best friend, aged 16-17, their quite frequent performances in and around Reykjavík have […]

punk themed Húrra takeover (free entry of course) 18.1.2019

Post-dreifing and Why Not? invite all of you to a punk party on Friday January 18th at Húrra dance-bar. It´s bound to be a super lovely great time, and of course there´s no attendance fee. The following artists will perform: Spaðabani GRÓA Skoffín Korter í flog Stormy Daniels dreifing er hafin.

smá í tána #5 at Bravó this saturday

poster by susan_creamcheese

post-dreifing & Marbendill present : SMÁ Í TÁNNA #5 this saturday, august 11th, we´re throwing an international punk night at Bravó – offering you quality punk from reykjavík and germany. entry is free of course. the show is the fifth in “smá í tána” concert series, organized by Marbendill up to this point monthly over […]

hátíðni music festival to take place july 6.-8.

hátíðni banner

celebrate, dear friends, celebrate! for our music festival “Hátíðni” will take place over the first weekend of july and you are all invited. a load of grassrots musical acts are to perform – it’s bound to be extravagant, and a beautiful time. camping, grilling, enjoying the nature surrounding our venue – and there´ll even be […]

mayday protest march and concert in collaboration with andrými

banner by kosmonatka

We want you to join us for a Radical and Intersectional International Worker´s Day! We fight not only for better wages and working conditions, we fight for the liberation of all of humanity and to put an end to the ecological destruction of our planet by capitalism. We fight for diversity, equality and justice, no […]

GRÓA to release debut album, release concert at Loft Hostel

photo by Art Bicnick

riot punk trio GRÓA have announced the release of their first album, “GRÓA”, due on april 26th, this saturday. a release concert will be held at Loft Hostel on the night of the release, with GRÓA playing as well as Tobolsk Catwalk Orchestra. new versions of “Ocean is amber” and “Insects”, two songs previously released […]