Teasing a release: IDK IDA reveals live-session for new track.

On an otherwise hectic week during Iceland Airwaves 2018, IDK IDA and a group of fellow musician friends packed a car and drove off to the South-west coast of Iceland. A stunningly still and clear November day was wrapped around Strandarkirkja, the small church at the edge of the world. That was to be the framework for a day of recording that resulted in a live-session of the never-released track 1.83, now set to be part of the solo-artist’s upcoming EP ‘Muscle Memory’ that’s due to release this fall. 

The song foreshadows a more refined expression from the industrial electronica artist whose remaining tracks are highly anticipated. Muscle Memory is set to be released later this year and will join the number of impressive releases from Icelandic label and arts collective post-dreifing.

You can watch the video HERE.